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A curious person at heart, Susan is a trainer, teacher, author, and lifelong learner with 15 years of instructional leadership, training design, and curriculum experience. Whether creating a PowerPoint presentation, engaging with like-minded professionals in the board room, or talking with a group of educators, her goal is simple: To create valuable tools and provide fresh insight to support the mission at hand to make our world a better place. When she isn't working from her home office or traveling to make new friends on a client visit, Susan enjoys cooking, running, playing board games, reading, and painting on the front porch of her farmhouse.


Gayle Box -- Instructional Leadership, Mathematics Standards-Based Instruction

During her ten years with Kentucky Skills U, Gayle was responsible for leading professional development on standards-based instruction across the state. She led KY Skills U’s SIA standards initiative and coordinated professional learning for math instruction. She was instrumental in the creation of the KY Skills U Lesson Bank. She has served as a panelist for the identification of model standards for mathematics instruction and assessment in adult education. As a trainer in the LINCS National Professional Development Network, she provides to states the SIA Foundational- and Advanced-Level Trainings for Mathematics.  


Cristina Marsh -- ELL 
Cristina oversees the administration, operation, program development, and curriculum alignment of the Kentucky Skills U (formerly KY Adult Education) program in eight counties. A native of Spain, she works to assist ELLs in their transitions from English language acquisition programs to ABE, certificate, and employment programs. As an OCTAE Standards in Action coach in both CCRS and ELPS, Cristina's heart for helping others has bolstered teacher confidence and, in turn, student learning and success. In addition to many ABE courses, Cristina has taught math, Spanish 101, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and community education programs.

Rupam Salelkar -- Information Technology & Learner Management 
As an app developer, Rupam works hard to give the user the best experience possible, with intuitive tools and clean design being priorities. Rupam's business, Internet Technologies and Business Solutions, is responsible for the creation and maintenance of management systems all over the world. 


Carl Roberts -- Communications and Non-Profit Advising
Carl's 14 years in education, both in the classroom and in support operations, provide a wealth of knowledge in grant review and procurement and public relations assessment. He has secured millions of dollars in funding for educational institutions and non-profits and provides guidance for organizations seeking support. His extensive experience in crisis communication and narrative-changing promotion makes him an invaluable team player. Carl seeks the transformation of our communities through building relationships with people from all walks of life.

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